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Ego Stimulus Package

A different stimulus package Amanda Warford's picture Submitted by Amanda Warford on Tue, 04/28/2009 - 17:27. I asked photographer and hair and makeup stylist Renee Parenteau to drop a few names of celebrities she's worked with. Her list included Brooke Burke, James Cameron, John Travolta and Kelly Preston, Denzel Washington and his family, and the entire Seinfeld cast, just to name a very few. But it's not transforming celebs into photo-ready models that Parenteau really likes. "I don't want to say they take advantage of it, but actors are used to it," she told me. "It's more exciting to see regular people discover a new side of themselves." In a time when most folks are cutting back on luxuries and searching for extra work, just trying to find time to relax is, itself, a little stressfull. That's why capturing these little moments on film is an interesting concept. I mean, when's the last time you sat back and thought about the awesome massage you had six months ago? And if by chance you did, didn't you ask yourself, "when's the next freakin' time I'm gonna get to do that?" It might be nice to have a few photos as a reminder of a special day you spent just being your own, beautiful self. Ego completely boosted. Renee Parenteau assured me she has every kind of makeup for every age and shade of person, but she encourages those hoping to get their ego's stimulated to help make their experience even more personal. From bringing your favorite music, to suggesting poses that make you feel comfortable, Parenteau says the nearly two-hour photo shoot is all about you. Well, you and your ego. Check out Renee Parenteau Photography for more information on how to book your own Ego-Stimulus Package. The package includes a professional hairstyling and makeup application, followed by a portrait session. The photos are then reviewed by the client before being retouched. The entire package starts at $225 per person, and includes one 5x7 print. Additional print packages are available. You can also call Renee directly at 310-406-7667 or 904-236-5337.