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Michelle looks fantastic. The photo is stunning indeed!

Nathaniel P. Ford, Sr., CEO, Jacksonville Transportation Authority

"I have found Renee and her company to be dedicated, professional and subject matter experts. Renee has a way of bringing out the best in her subjects!”

Lenny Curry, Mayor of Jacksonville, Florida

“From personal experience, my family and I recognize the quality of your work as a photographer.”

Shannon Miller, Olympic Gold Medalist & CEO of Shannon Miller Lifestyle

“Renee treats every client like the most important person on the planet. She is an amazingly talented photographer and makeup artist, a delight to work with, and her work with celebrities around the world is putting Jacksonville on the map!”

Susie Wiles, Principal, Right Coast Strategies

“Renee is amazing! I have enjoyed her talents as a makeup artist and photographer since a friend recommended her in 2013. After having a wonderful experience at her studio and seeing the beautiful results, I immediately began referring her to friends and clients, generating a lot of gratitude and continuing the chain of referrals.”


"I had a great time doing the shoot; I find it easy to pose for you. Plus, it was a great boost for my ego... who doesn't need that every once in a while! Thanks!"

Robert Arleigh White, Principal, Robert Arleigh White & Associates

"Renee Parenteau combines talent, smarts, energy and passion to create unique and authentic images that delight and inform. Working with her is fun and exciting, and the end result is always powerful and delightful!"


"The portrait is beyond my expectations and they were high. Renee, you really captured Cynthia like we see her. To both of you – simply perfect! It is just a wonderful photo."

Brenda Ezell, Sole Shareholder, Ezell Law Firm, P.A.

“My Celebrity Experience with Renee Parenteau resulted in beautiful photos that I have used extensively in business collateral and on social media. I get compliments on them all the time, which is a real confidence-builder!”

Audrey Moran, SVP of Social Responsibility & Community Advocacy, Baptist Health

"…I am proud to be numbered among Renee’s delighted clients. She is a talented professional and I have recommended her to a number of colleagues and friends.”


Thanks for the photo shoot! I had fun and you are great to work with!

Suzanne Bass, Circuit Judge, Fourth Judicial Circuit of Florida

"In the years since I ran for office, I have had the opportunity to refer other people to Renee for makeup artistry and photography. Every person I send to [her] comes back to enthusiastically thank me.”


You made Michelle look like a movie star! Absolutely beautiful!!!

Susan Pelter, President, Susan Pelter Communications

“Renee’s greatest asset is her ability to capture the personality of her subjects. That is a rare talent, and I’m delighted that such a resource is available to us in Jacksonville! I am thrilled to work with Renee, to have been one of her subjects, and to be able to share her gifts with my clients and friends. She is a treasure!”


All I can say is.....WOW!

Celeste Krueger, Ed.S., Principal, Celeste Krueger & Associates

“Renee’s warmth and expertise make even the most reluctant subject happy to be photographed, and the wonderful results keep the happiness coming! I recommend her to all my friends and clients.”


You love what you do and it shows in your work - you are FABULOUS!!!!


"Renee is an awesome makeup artist and photographer. She can make you look like a celebrity!"